Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is a plant-based protein that is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant, also known as Cannabis sativa. Hemp protein is becoming increasingly popular in India as people are looking for plant-based protein sources that are sustainable and provide a range of health benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of hemp protein and why it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to boost their protein intake.Read More

Hemp Protein in India
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Hemp Protein powders are popular nutritional supplements used by athletes, bodybuilders and those trying to gain weight or increase muscle mass. It is one of the more popular varieties, made by grinding pressed hemp seeds into a fine powder.

It has an earthy, nutty taste and is often added to shakes or smoothies to boost protein intake.

Hemp is a high-quality vegan protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, plus fiber, healthy fats and minerals.

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