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Magiccann’s Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture is our straight-from-the-plant, pure extract from the Cannabinoid. The product is sourced from locally grown hemp plants and backed with expert production process to maximize the entourage effect. It holds the right amount of composition to stimulate maximum benefits – 2:1 formulation of CBD and THC, and undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure that the products hold the highest standard in the market.

Pure, natural, and beneficial Vijaya Extract Tinctures are a great addition to your daily routine to help manage your physical, psychological, and neurological issues. There are many benefits that you can avail yourself of simply by adding this tincture to your daily life.

CBD extracts have been rising in popularity immensely over the last few years. Their natural and organic benefits have transformed the lives of many.

This all organic and well balanced tincture can change your everyday life with its many benefits to your body. A vast amount of medical conditions have seen promising results and this solution has been very effective in the treatment of mental conditions.

When you purchase a MagiCann full spectrum tincture bottle, you receive a whole world of benefits wrapped into one super bottle.

MagiCann brings to you, the finest sourced CBD extract tincture that comes to you with the finest quality hemp plants present in it. These include naturally occurring proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in a power-packed form through the tincture.

Our products are third-party lab-tested to ensure the highest quality of products. Your safety is always our topmost priority. This is why you can use MagiCann products with confidence always. Our quality is assured in each and every bottle of tincture. This is what separates MagiCann products from all the other products out there today in terms of value and effectiveness.

How to use:

Before taking the dosage of full spectrum tincture 300 mg, it is highly recommended that you shake the tincture bottle well so that there is no residue at the bottom that is not included. Thoroughly shake the bottle before use and then proceed to remove the desired dosage amount.

Based on what your physician says, the dosage you take will vary. For many new users, it is common, to begin with, a smaller dosage to begin availing of the benefits. Regular users often use a higher dosage on a daily basis.

Take the necessary dosage in the dropper and dispense it under your tongue. Apply it to your mouth tissue for faster absorption. It is recommended that you keep the dosage under your tongue for about 15 minutes before swallowing it. This allows for maximum absorption which in turn helps you gain the most benefits.

For even better results, you can simply include this tincture in all your meals. This tincture is best absorbed in your food and many people prefer this over taking the dosage directly. Be sure to add it to your food well and wait for a few minutes so that your food thoroughly absorbs the tincture.

The best way to finalise on dosage for yourself is by asking your physician about the recommended dosage. Based on how the dosage affects you at first, this can be altered until you reach the right dosage that best suits you. Beginners usually start with a dosage of 5-10 mg while experienced takers have dosages that range from 30-60mg.


The pure tincture provides a host of benefits to the user, from physical pain to mental health issues. Even a small 300mg bottle is enough to nourish you well from the inside. The full spectrum tincture 300 mg has a plethora of effects on your body both physical as well as mental. Many clinical studies are ongoing to prove these effects. Meanwhile promising research and a happy customer base stands testament to the fact the CBD benefits are real and craved for by many.

– Reduces pain and inflammation

– Helps neurological disorders

– Improves appetite and gut health

– Keeps blood sugar levels in check


Consume the appropriate dosage after consulting your physician.


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