Onco Protein Pro+ Plant-Based Protein for Cancer Care (500 gm) Vanilla Flavour


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Onco Protein Pro+ offers these benefits for cancer patients:

1. Cancer-Specific Protein Support: Formulated to meet the unique protein needs of cancer patients.
2. Boosts Muscle Strength: Aids in improving muscle mass and strength, crucial for cancer recovery.
3. Enhances Weight Management: Helps in maintaining healthy body weight during cancer treatment.
4. Impressive Protein Content: Contains 23.4 grams of protein per scoop, providing a significant protein boost.
5. Cancer-Fighting Herbs: Enriched with curcumin, moringa, and spirulina, known for their anti-cancer properties.
6. Rich in Essential Nutrients: Packed with vital vitamins and minerals to support overall health.
7. Plant-Based Ingredients: Suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences, including vegan and vegetarian.
8. Easy to Incorporate: Powder form allows versatility in consumption, mixable with water or milk.
9. Supports Immune Function: Ingredients chosen to bolster the immune system, key in cancer care.

Onco Protein Pro+ is India’s only plant-based protein supplement specifically formulated for cancer patients. It is designed to empower cancer patients with essential nutrients, aiding in their journey towards health and recovery.

✔ TAILORED FOR CANCER PATIENTS: Specifically designed to support the nutritional needs during cancer treatment, aiding in recovery and wellness.

✔ HIGH-QUALITY PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: Offers 23.4g of protein per scoop from pea and rice protein, essential for tissue repair and immune support.

✔ CANCER-FIGHTING INGREDIENTS: Enriched with curcumin, flax seed extract, and moringa powder, known for their anti-cancer properties.

✔ PURE & VEGAN: A sugar-free, vegan-friendly formula without preservatives or additives, suitable for diverse dietary preferences.

✔ SUPPORTS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Helps manage weight fluctuations common during cancer treatments.

✔ BOOSTS IMMUNITY & METABOLISM: Strengthens the immune system and enhances metabolic health.

✔ ALLEVIATES TREATMENT SIDE EFFECTS: Aids in reducing common issues like loss of appetite and fatigue.

✔ EASY INTEGRATION INTO DAILY DIET: Versatile powder form, ideal for blending into smoothies or meals.

✔ ENDORSED BY HEALTHCARE EXPERTS: Recommended for its effective support in cancer nutrition and well-being.


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