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All the myths related to CBD are busted with prudent facts!

All the myths related to CBD are busted with prudent facts!

In the recent past, CBD has become the most exciting and popular substance in the medical field. Due to its healing and therapeutic effects, many doctors and medical experts have started recommending it to patients suffering from different types of chronic ailments. In fact, many governments have also started changing regulations and policies to make it purely legal to consume and procure. However, there are several myths circulating online about CBD. Once you learn about the actual facts behind those myths, it will become easier for you to get clarity about CBD in India.

Top 10 myths and facts behind them

  • CBD is not psychoactive.

Many people feel that CBD is non-psychotic. The myth came from the point that CBD is solely meant for medical usage. Many researchers have claimed that it has anti-addiction and mood-elevating effects on the human brain. It does have anxiolytic and mood-elevating properties, but it does so in a positive way. It lets the mind divert from a high-stress level to a low-stress level.

Fact: The fact is that CBD is psychotic as it impacts our mind but doesn’t bring any euphoria or intoxication.

  • Every CBD product is similar.

Many people feel that CBD is similar. Yes, the base molecule is the same in every CBD, but its compounds as well as the source have an impact on its potency.

Fact: CBD comes in three different forms, including broad spectrum, isolates, and full spectrum. All these have different levels of THC and come with different chemical profiles. Hence, the source and components of every CBD make a drastic change in its potency.

  • A high dosage gives amplified relief.

Yes, CBD is one of the best and most natural alternate medicines. But some people think that a high dosage can bring better relief. Yes, in some cases, a high dosage is given to patients, but it’s not mandatory. When it comes to CBD isolates, a higher dosage is required in comparison to the other two types of CBD, such as full spectrum and broad spectrum.

Fact: The fact is that dosage is largely dependent upon various factors, including type of CBD extract, type of CBD product, body weight of an individual, and body chemistry.

  • CBD makes you feel high.

CBD is sourced from the cannabis plant, but that doesn’t mean that it makes you feel high. In reality, many people don’t know that the cannabis plant consists of around 400 different types of chemical compounds. Only 118 of them are classified as cannabinoids. And CBD is also a cannabinoid. Not every cannabinoid gets you high.

Fact: The fact remains that CBD doesn’t make you feel high.

  • Hemp oil and CBD oil are totally similar

Many people believe that CBD oil and hemp oil are similar. But it’s not true. They are extracted from the same plant but in different parts. Also, both have different chemical profiles as well as usage.

Fact: Both are way different from each other. CBD oil in India is largely extracted from the hemp plant’s flower. It may not be nutritionally beneficial, but it contains good medicinal properties to treat different medical problems.

  • CBD doesn’t interfere with other medications.

Many people believe that CBD is all natural, so it doesn’t interfere with other ongoing medications. But, as per research and scientific studies, it does interfere with other medications that may cause potential side effects.

Fact: CBD does interfere with other medications. Hence, it must be taken under strict supervision to avoid any side effects. There are some potential drugs that may interact with CBD to a great extent, including antibiotics, immune modulators, antimicrobials, pain medications, HIV antivirals, etc.

  • CBD doesn’t cause any side effects.

Yes, it’s derived from the plant and all natural, but it does have some side effects if not taken properly or under medical supervision. It takes a good amount of time to get adjusted in your body. If someone doesn’t digest it well, then he has to face some side effects.

Fact: The fact is that it does come with some side effects. Most of the side effects come in the initial phase. The prominent ones are drowsiness, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, fatigue, dry mouth, appetite loss, etc.

  • Only sick people can take CBD.

CBD has multiple therapeutic and medicinal properties, due to which it has become a rage in the medical field. However, many people believe that only sick people suffering from chronic ailments can take CBD in different forms.

Fact: CBD can be taken by anyone as a wellness supplement. It helps to improve the metabolism, immune system, and overall cognitive functioning of your body. Hence, anyone of any age group can take CBD. It’s just that one should not consult a doctor if they are taking any daily medication.

Final Thoughts

CBD in India has become a big rage. Hence, it’s really important to address the myths associated with its usage. The truth behind those myths is now addressed in this article to help you understand their application without getting carried away by fake facts.

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