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Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta Hemp Works is hemp-based wellness and nutrition-focused venture. Striving towards becoming the industry leader in providing a variety of products with the goodness of hemp to its customers.AHW Works is poised to revolutionize this nascent industry with its structured approach, holistic vision, and able leadership

AHW is duly registered as a Limited Liability Partnership at New Delhi and is focused on bringing quality wellness and nutrition-based products to the people. AHW aims to explore the cultivation of hemp to produce seeds and fiber for industrial and commercial use. As a future-focused brand, AHW is working relentlessly on establishing a retail brand for lifestyle products having hemp seed oil as one of its main components, to make available the numerous benefits derived from this super crop to its end consumers. Given the holistic approach of the brand, AHW intends to associate itself with Government recognized medical research institutes for research and development towards medical uses of hemp.

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