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Hemp clothing benefits

Hemp clothing benefits: why should you be wearing this ethical fiber?

Hemp is known as a versatile natural fiber all across the globe, but it is still behind the curtain from a lot of consumers or people. Hemp is not only great for health but also for the environment. However, there are many misconceptions attached to it that is creating a hindrance for people to try using hemp clothing. 

If you are someone who is sailing in the same boat but at the same time is curious to try hemp clothing, then today is the right day and time. All your queries related to hemp clothing and the properties of this fiber are going to vanish. You will also be going to know the ultimate benefits of hemp clothing that will leave you spellbound. 

Know about hemp 

Hemp is known to be a type of cannabis Sativa plant and has a lot of great industrial applications. It can be used to make a different kinds of products like textiles, food, oil, material, and a lot more. 

Until the last century, this was considered to be a highly renowned and important crop for humans. There were many countries, like China, France, Spain, Chile, etc., that did hemp farming for a very long time. Hemp was the earliest plant cultivated for textile fiber. No wonder the stalk of the plant is known to be fibrous, and there is no THC in it. Also, the hemp plant doesn’t have psychoactive properties in it as compared to marijuana and is lawful. It is a legal crop as well as the fabric that can create eco-friendly clothing. 

Get to know about hemp clothing and its making 

A lot of people believe that there is only hemp oil available, but hemp fabric and clothing are real too. The fabric of hemp is known to be created with the help of long strands that involves the plants’ stem. The fibers of the plant are removed from the bark with a process called retting and are spun to create a thread which is later woven into a textile. 

The plants are then left to rest for around 4-6 weeks in the field, where pectin gets removed naturally. The stalks of the hemp are baled, similar to hay. Also, the fibrous part of the plant gets removed from the woody core. Later the bast fibers are removed to have a strand. 

The manufacturers use the steam explosion to convert raw hemp into a woven thread. Thus, it is now ready to be spun to yarn as well as woven after completing the process of steam explosion. Also, the texture of hemp fiber is somehow similar to linen and can easily be combined with other fibers to create garments. The clothing made with hemp is highly comfortable, durable, as well as great for the environment. It is also hypoallergenic, anti-static as well as antibacterial. 

Mind-blowing benefits of hemp clothing

Hemp is coming back to the fashion world and is taking everyone by storm. The popularity of hemp clothing, as well as CBD in India, is unmatchable. It is undoubtedly going to make a big difference in your wardrobe and life with its benefits. 

Here are some of the benefits of hemp clothing that will define every reason to wear this ethical and sustainable fiber: 

  • It is antimicrobial and durable – Hemp fabric is completely active against microbes, and this allows it to remain clean for a long duration. It also prevents it from creating any odor-causing bacteria. The antimicrobial properties make it strong and durable as compared to any other natural textile fibers. The hemp fabric is going to maintain its shape and last longer than expected. 
  • Hemp clothing softens with time – A lot of people don’t know, but clothing created with hemp fabric is highly comfortable as well as stylish to wear. Also, the best thing about it is that the fabric is going to soften with every passing of time. It is not going to wear out and will only make you feel comfortable in your own skin. 
  • It can protect you from harmful UV rays – Hemp clothing is woven tightly to ensure that no rays of the sun enter the surface of the material. This is the reason that it protects you from any harmful UV rays. You can also call it as sun protective clothing as it can save from overexposure to harmful sun rays that also lead to skin cancer as well as other irreversible skin issues. It is suitable for every skin type and for outdoor activities. 
  • It is the strongest natural fiber – If you are clumsy and keep hitting yourself, then wearing hemp fabric can solve all your issues. Sustainable hemp fiber is known to be the strongest natural fiber which holds it tight as well as tough. This makes it an abrasion-resistant fabric. This natural-fiber clothing is created from the fibers of the plant. Thus, you can feel safe if your clothing is stuck in any nail, as it will not get torn easily. 
  • Hemp needs less land to grow – The land which is required to grow or cultivate hemp is less as compared to others. It is around half the area that is required to cultivate cotton. Moreover, hemp can easily produce three times more fiber in comparison to cotton on the same piece of land. This is the reason that hemp cultivation or production is not going to put any strain on the planet. 
  • It is moisture-wicking as well as odor-resistant – Hemp clothing is known to absorb around 20% of the weight and can feel dry on the skin. The fabric wicks away any perspiration effectively and can easily dye. Even after washing it a lot of times, it will not wear out. Also, it is odor-resistant, which means you don’t have to bother even if you are sweating. 


Hemp clothing is a great choice if you are trying to build an ethical wardrobe. It is sustainable and has a lot of qualities and benefits that other fabrics don’t have. Moreover, choosing hemp fabric or clothing over others will help you do your bit for the environment. You can add hemp to your wardrobe collection and wear it without fretting about anything. 

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