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Benefits Of CBD oil For Pets

How can your pet benefit from CBD oil products?

It is evident to feel that you are hearing about CBD oil and other related products more than before. No wonder CBD oil has been a rave not only in the lives of humans but also in the lives of pets. They have a positive impact on the health as well as wellness of pets. 

But the people or the pet owners who have little knowledge about CBD oil products still wonder what CBD oil products for pets are. What is their work? Or whether they are safe for their pets or not? 

It can be very hard to gather the right information or facts and give your pets the right CBD oil products through all the marketing. With a lot of scattered information, it can be very misleading to go in the right direction. But today, you are going to know everything about CBD oil products for your pets and whether they can do any good for them or not. 

Know about CBD 

Before knowing about the benefits of CBD oil India for your pets, it is better to understand CBD. It is an abbreviation that is used for cannabidiol, one of the chemical compounds which are derived from hemp or marijuana plants. 

CBD is known to act on the endocannabinoid systems, which ECS of humans as well as pets that, includes dogs and cats. The ECS is a different communications system in the brain as well as the body that is known to affect imperative functions such as how your pet feels, moves or reacts every day. 

When CBD is extracted and later used in oils to get CBD oil tincture or other related products such as chews, gums, etc., CBD can be helpful in assisting various conditions in pets, like calming them, relaxing them, and a lot more. 

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? 

Before getting CBD oil for dogs India or any pet, it is important to know the difference between hemp and marijuana. They both are known to be varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp and marijuana contain CBD, but the major difference between them is the level of THC found in both plants. 

THC is a chemical compound that contains intoxicating effects associated with cannabis. This can be harmful to pets. This is the reason that pet owners should be aware of the right THC amount in every product. Hemp is known to have 0.3 percent of THC, and marijuana is known to have more than 0.3 percent of THC. 

Can CBD make your pet high? 

CBD is known to be a non-intoxicating compound found in hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike THC compound, if given in the right dosage then, CBD is not going to make your pets high. However, CBD can slightly influence the brain activity of the pets, which can further help with potential benefits like reducing stress and anxiety in dogs and other pets. Also, it is important to give the right dosage to the pets after discussing it with the veterinarian. 

Benefits of CBD oil products for your pets 

There are some common conditions in pets that can be improved with the help of CBD oil. Here are some of the benefits of CBD oil for your pets mentioned below: 

  • Dogs with joint problems – In case your dog has some joint pains, then involving CBD oil in his life can be beneficial. CBD is known to be a natural anti-inflammatory that doesn’t involve any risk or side effects like drugs. It can be helpful by binding CB1 receptors in the brain. This further stimulates the immune system to minimize inflammation. Also, the CB1 receptors change the way the brain of your pet responds to joint pain. Moreover, CBD is helpful in binding CB2 receptors, which is found in the nervous as well as the immune system. Pets or dogs who have arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, torn ligaments, as well as strains can benefit from CBD oil. 
  • Dogs with cancer – Adult dogs are more prone to cancer, and it is found that CBD can be beneficial in slowing down the growth of mammary cancer cells and help increase the survival time of the dogs. According to the research, CBD oil can slow down the growth of cancer tumors, and it also kills cancer cells. Moreover, CBD oil can be beneficial for nausea associated with various cancer treatments. 
  • Pets with seizures as well as epilepsy – It is seen that around 5% of dogs suffer from severe seizures. According to the studies, it has been found that around 89% of the dogs have experienced a reduction in their seizures after taking CBD oil. It is helpful in reducing the frequency as well as the severity of the seizures as it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. 
  • Dogs with anxiety – Most pet owners only turn to CBD because of this reason. Anxiety can appear in dogs in various forms like noise phobia, fear, aggression, or separate anxiety. CBD doesn’t contain any dangerous effects and is known to work quickly by directly putting it into the mouth of dogs. It only takes 5-10 minutes for CBD oil to work on dogs. It can be beneficial if CBD is given over a period of time. 
  • Pets with allergies – Another benefit of CBD is that it can work wonders if your dog or pet has allergies. It can be beneficial in relieving dry or itchy skin and help in promoting the growth of new and healthy skin cells. Pet owners can use the oil internally for any kind of allergies or can use it externally by putting the oil on the hot spots as well as interdigital cysts. 


CBD oil has a lot of benefits for pets than expected. It is not only great for humans but for your furry friends as well. The above-mentioned information related to CBD oil products can be helpful in gathering the right information and then moving in the right direction. Also, ensure that you seek advice from your pets’ veterinarian before making any decisions about the CBD oil dosage. 

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