CBD Isolate In India

Isolates are the most widely used CBD oil extracts in India. The purest and unblended form of CBD- CBD Isolate is made by eliminating any remaining mixtures or impurities found in the plant. 

These CBD Isolates are primarily extracted from the hemp plant since it normally contains low to negligible amounts of THC. 

As a beginner, using Isolates is the safest and easiest way of consuming CBD. Isolates are in pure form and do not incorporate any other cannabinoids, terpenes, or synthetic mixtures. 

These extracts offer the much-needed medicinal benefits of CBD. While the relief caused by Isolates is significant, yet in comparison with the other two types, these ones are less powerful.

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Cannavedic Isolate tincture 1500mg

Cannavedic Isolate tincture 500mg

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CBD Isolate Oil Drops

CBD Isolate
- 13% Cannavedic CBD Isolate Tincture Natural (1500mg)