Cannabryl Dewaxed Extract 1:1 4000 mg 10ml [CBD Balanced]



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Cannabryl Dewaxed Extract 1:1 4000 mg 10ml [CBD Balanced]

Hemp extract naturally contains neutral, non-active ingredients like waxes and lipids, which do not have much medicinal effect, much focus has been put on producing the cleanest concentrates possible and removing these waxes, particularly for medicinal products destined to be inhaled & taken sublingually. We at Indogenix employ a dewaxing process called winterization which involves, a solvent, usually ethanol, and subsequent cold filtering.

Cannabryl Dewaxed Extract 1:1 4000 mg 10ml [CBD Balanced] -Dewaxed hemp extract undergoes a heating process that activates Acidic compounds within the extract. This means that it has been through a process called decarboxylation, which means Medical extract or raw hemp dried biomass has undergone a chemical process as a result of heating over time. The Raw hemp extract, if prepared in a proven scientific way, will certainly contain below detailed Terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids. Just because of the presence of all the Phytochemicals known or unknown, proven scientifically or unproven are definitely present in the extract, But all Plants waxes, Lipids, and chlorophyll is removed. Now, this extract is referred to as Full-spectrum extract still but minus plants waxes and chlorophyll.

Cannabryl Dewaxed Extract 1:1 4000 mg  – Dewaxed hemp extract contains over 100 cannabinoids. When raw hemp is analyzed
For its chemical properties, it is found that extract contains CBD & THC in abundant quantity since a larger chunk of CBDA and THCA gets converted into CBD and THC after the extract has gone through the decarboxylation process. A sufficient amount of CBG is present too, CBG is the pre-stage of CBN.


The Hemp plant does not directly make CBD or THC.  The plant synthesizes cannabinoid acids; such as CBGA, CBDA & CBCA or THCA & THCVA, which must first be activated through the process of decarboxylation to yield the CBD compound.  To make the compound more bioavailable to the body and able to interact efficiently with our endocannabinoid system, decarboxylation involves heating the cannabinoid acids into their more accessible forms.  After decarboxylation, each of the cannabinoid acids yields its corresponding cannabinoid compound.  For example, after the extracted oil goes through decarboxylation, the acid form of CBDA becomes CBD.

The above process seems simple, but Pharmacists need to be super careful with Exact machinery, and measurement techniques so that While heating the Plant material or extract the most valuable Flavonoids and other useful components are not lost in air. These minor things make the medicine potent enough to be treated as Medicinal grade medicine.
The hemp Extract harvested at this stage has high viscosity like honey, the color of this extract is Golden color if looked through a Glass container through sunlight, and the color seems maroon in the Glass vial.

We at Indogenix Process roughly 50 kilograms of the extract and call it a Batch. The sample from each batch is tested for its contents via a third party Laboratory (the third party laboratory has no stake from Indogenix Biosciences) & one product sample is submitted to Govt. Authorities. Once the report is in, it is crosschecked if there are any heavy metals present, if there is any trace of pesticides, etc. If any trace is found Full batch is rejected.

So far we are lucky, never to find any trace of pesticides or fertilizers in the extract, since the Biomass is sourced from natural spring waters of Parvathy valley and the raw material is actually not manually grown by farmers it is grown in the wild, farmers just pluck leaves and supply us raw material via Govt. Agencies involved. And we are super careful inside lab not to use any Bins or machinery having plastic parts. We always use high-Grade Steel and Borosilicate Glass. Some Of the Machinery is custom made in India, some are imported.

This Hemp Pure Extract depending upon the Origin of harvest, season, Type of strain leads to two different kinds of cannabinoid profiles. With Experience, Our Pharmacists have learned the cannabinoid profiles of different crops at different times. Cannabinoid profile Extracted from Dried biomass also depends upon the Tweak in the process of extraction, Our Pharmacists have mastered the art of producing CBD dominant and CBD balanced extracts.

If CBD: THC ratio is 4:1, we call it CBD Dominant, If CBD: THC ratio is 1:1 we refer is to be CBD Balanced. Based on this Cannabinoid profile we have two products available. Since the viscosity of pure extract is very high, it cannot be bottled, as expensive medicine will fail to come out easily while administering to the patient, hence a novel method of storage is identified in the form of Glass Vials. You just need to remove the Front silicone stopper from Vial and press the plunger from behind few drops Come out fairly nicely.

We employ Food grade Ethanol Based Extraction. Ethanol is sourced from the Sugar industry and is purely organic and medicinal grade. This Ethanol is the same alcohol present in alcoholic beverages, produced from the fermentation of yeast and sugars. The relative ease of access, low cost, and low flammability make alcohol ideal for extraction. Ethanol extractions will vary in quality and also to the length of time the hemp is in contact with the solvent.

Short washes (under a minute) will produce a shatter-textured cannabinoid-rich extract of high purity containing quite a lot of CBDA and its related compounds, once cold-filtered (winterized), but terpene levels won’t be nearly as high as when Hemp raw material is soaked in Ethanol for an extended period of time. So Pharmacists at Indogenix need to take the carefully predetermined path chosen after lots of experiments and expertise of scientists involved. The main idea is that extract needs to have all the terpenes present along with a sufficient amount of CBD phytochemicals so that the medicine remains potent.

  • 2000 mg of Cannabidiols per 5 ml extract
  • 1000 mg of CBD & 1000 mg of THC.
  • The ratio of CBD: THC is 1:1 or 50/50.

Each drop contains 12.5 mg of CBD and 12.5 mg of THC. 5ml syringe has 80 drops of medicine.

Contains No plant waxes, No Chlorophyll. Rich in naturally occurring Terpenes and flavinoids and cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV, THC).

Effect: Strong Entourage effect.

Usage: May be useful in conditions like Chronic Pain, Chemo-radiation side effects, neurological and psychological problems.

Dosage: It is advisable to start with a low dose as dosage may vary according to disease state and conditions. Dose may also vary from person to person depending on a person’s tolerance level. It is best to follow a physician’s advice to find the right dose.


1. If a customer orders the medicine that is not written in the prescription amount will be refunded.

2. No Medicine shall be dispatched without validating the prescription provided by the customer.

3. The mg values mentioned for this medicine is purely for educational purpose and making our customers understand the strength of the medicine. Since all our medicines are Ayurveda-based and derived from plant extracts, the cannabinoids content may differ in the actual product.

2 reviews for Cannabryl Dewaxed Extract 1:1 4000 mg 10ml [CBD Balanced]

  1. Navaneeth K
    May 11, 2022
    Quality product.
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    Shyam Kapur
    June 11, 2021
    Superb Product
    This is a very pure RSO oil. It helps me to relieve my asthma symptoms. It does elevate my mood in a positive way, helps fights anxiety and is a good ...More
    This is a very pure RSO oil. It helps me to relieve my asthma symptoms. It does elevate my mood in a positive way, helps fights anxiety and is a good anti-depresant. The product is pure herbal oil without any adulteration. And CBD team is very nice and cooperative, and do help in solving product related queries. Thanks.
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