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  • Our unique approach to Cannabis Pain Relief Balm production combines Ancient Ayurvedic Practices with cutting-edge Research & Development.
  • We have formulated an Ultra Premium pain balm that preserves the full spectrum of Phyto compounds of the plant, retaining the integrity of terpenes & flavonoids.
  • This allows your body to absorb the balm much more efficiently, utilising the entourage effect, as nature intended. All done without any chemicals or solvents.
  • GMP Certified Lab
  • Therapeutic, Medicinal grade formula developed and approved by a scientific board of Researchers, Doctors, Biologists, Ayurveda Experts, and Pharmacists.


How CannarmaTM ULTRA PREMIUM Pain Relief Balm Works:

Naturally enriched with the goodness of Hemp Seed Oil infused with other medicinal oils makes

balm a quick-acting on headache and body ache reliever that remedies pain naturally.

Indications: Body Pain, Muscle Pain, Headache, Joint Pain.


  1. Cannabis sativa Seed Oil – 6%
  2. Linum usitatissimum Seed Oil – 2%
  3. Cinnamomun zeylanicum Bark Oil – 2%
  4. Mentha piperata Leaf Oil – 2%
  5. Andropogon citrates Leaf Oil – 2%
  6. Sesamum indicum Seed Oil – 2%
  7. Trachyspermum ammi Fruit Powder – 3%
  8. Cocos nucifera Oil – 2%

Base Ingredients: Beeswax, Candelilla wax – QS

PACK SIZE:- 20 grams

Take balm on the finger top and then apply and massage on affected/desired body part 3-4 times
a day or as directed by the physician.


2 years from the date of manufacturing.

16 reviews for Cannarma Ultra Premium Pain Relief Balm – 25gram

  1. Akshit seth (verified owner)

    Vijaya is the secret of this pain relief balm…..!!! Dont tell this to anyone….

  2. omi ji (verified owner)

    Great product !

  3. Justrock jain (verified owner)

    bought this for my grandmother…. she felt so warm in her joints now she dont need crape bandage etc… She loved it

  4. Jaya Sinha (verified owner)

    Cold, cough with high fever and aching body & head ….. just one formula needed Pain relief balm from cannarma

  5. Abhanja

    I am from tamil nadu . I tried your product after trying so many brands.
    It provided so much soothing effect to my shoulder and ankle pain.
    Thanks cannarma..

  6. Snoopy Kate (verified owner)

    Hemp products can be used externally with effective pain relief without going into system of our body ( for those who are scared ). I use all hemp medicinal products. They are God’s Gift to mankind. I tell you brother

  7. Kishusomesh (verified owner)

    This brand is something different from others.
    I must say do try it once, it feels very strong and calming at the same time.

  8. Akshaya Kumari (verified owner)

    Gym pain or arthritis pain or migraine all have 1 answer Cannarma Pain Relief Balm

  9. Amit bhambhri (verified owner)

    This balm is way better than tiger or zandu…. Munni badnam could not get relief from zandu… she needs cannarma now

  10. Abeesh

    I am from Tamil Nadu. I was suffering from knee and ankle pain.
    Tried so many brands but atlast Cannarma Balm came to rescue.

  11. Zehaan (verified owner)

    I was having unbearable migraine pains and was addicted to taking paracetamol thrice in week. I tried this balm whenever my migraine started and it literally soothed my pain, made me relax and all the migraine effects faded away.
    Arogyacbd delivered this so fast , thanks to arogyacbd ….!!!!

  12. Sameera Khan (verified owner)

    Gyming and shoulder pain go hand in hand…..!!!! My trainer suggested this to me …. Got instant relief….

  13. Ruchi Yadav (verified owner)

    This delivery was little delayed but packaging was really good.
    Thanks aarogyacbd for bringing this to us.
    Pain was gone in just few hours.

  14. Amarjeet Kaur (verified owner)

    Migraine and headaches are so common for me these days. But since using this balm , it reduces the pain so drastically each and everytime I get a sudden attack.
    Thanks a lot Cannarma Team and aarogyacbd. Super Fast Delivery Service….!!!!

  15. Arti Jain (verified owner)

    Pain hides from this balm.

  16. Devdas Parekh (verified owner)

    Took balm on the finger top and then apply and massage on affected/desired body part 3-4 times a day for my cervical radiating pains

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