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BUMS, PGD-Sports Science & Nutrition

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Dr. Abdul Shafiz Shaikh is one of the foremost experiences in Modern, Unani and alternative medicine. He is a certified Medical practitioner and is currently a practicing general physician and consultant in Mira Road East, Mumbai since the last 3 years. Also recently he has started medical cannabis Practice and research in medical cannabis.

Dr. Abdul Shafiz Shaikh has been practicing and healing patients for over 3 years and has treated a number of patients to date. He has effectively managed various diseases by modern medicine, Unani alternative medicine, and CBD. Treatment and therapies like


He completed his bachelor of Unani medicine and surgery (BUMS) from Tibbia Unani Medical College Mumbai Maharashtra. He also did his post-graduation in Sports Medicine and Science. He is currently doing post-graduate studies and research in medical cannabis from Pharmacology University Online Canada.

10 reviews for Dr. Abdul Shafiz Shaikh

  1. Rajat Soni​ (verified owner)

    Aarogya team setup an appointment with Dr. Shiakh. The consultation was on the phone. Am very satisfied with the experience. Dr. Shaikh was very thorough and methodical in understanding my problem. Got the prescription and placed the order. Medicine was delivered on time. Thank you Dr. Shaikh and Aarogya team.​

  2. Anuj (verified owner)

    Dr. Shaikh prescription has really helped me overcome insomnia, anxiety and depression. The consultation was very smooth and hassle free. Thanks to the Aarogya CBD team for their amazing service!
  3. Aashish P (verified owner)

    Great experience as a first-timer, It took me a while to find a doctor that made me feel comfortable and welcome! Dr. Shaikh listened and explained in detail to me in a clear manner and was properly informed me about my health. In addition, Quality assistance was received from Aarogya CBD Team. Looking forward to placing my order!

  4. Kalpana (verified owner)

    We had first time consultation with Dr. Shaikh . He is very knowledgeable in his field and checked patient’s medical history thoroughly before prescribing the medicines. He explained the medications and treatment thoroughly. Thank you . Aarogya Team is extremely helpful and responds to our queries promptly at any time. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

  5. Aditi (verified owner)

    My consultation with Dr Shaikh was very smooth he was concerned about the problems I have been facing and was curious to find out the root cause he prescribed few medications which are helping me cope with my anxiety and pain related issues pretty satisfied with their service

  6. Aashish P (verified owner)

    I bought CBD Oil for my 68 year old mother who suffers from Parkinson’s. Her case is so chronic that she often has Pain and sleep issue because of the severe pain she is not able to do anything. Dr. Shaikh was very helpful and took time to explain about the product. My mom has been having three drops nightly and there is a visible change in her pain and ability to sleep.

  7. swastik.seebu (verified owner)

    Thanks to Dr Sheikh, who listens to the problem and understands the cause and explains. His guidance was a life changer for me. Now, I am feeling active, refreshed and focused because of his guidance and prescribed medicines.
    Thanks to the Aarogya CBD team and Dr Sheikh.

  8. Subhajeet Roy (verified owner)

    We consulted Doctor Shaikh over the phone which was recommended by the team . The experience is extremely satisfying and the best part doctor Shaikh listens very patiently and accordingly he prescribed the medicine.

  9. romesh.savanghan.india (verified owner)

    Spoke to Dr Shaikh and took his recommendations to help me reduce anxiety, destress and sleep better. I felt a dramatic improvement in my sleep cycle and quality of sleep almost immediately. I whole heartily recommend this doctor as he is easy to speak to, non-judgmental and is there to assist to the best of his ability.

  10. Arumuga Perumal

    Listens patiently, asks questions which are surprisingly relatable to the issue and politely replies our queries. Amazing. Such person are God’s gift to world.

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