Hampa Hemp Hearts


Give your breakfast and all meals a nutritional lift! Hampa Hemp Hearts are packed with proteins that are essential for your everyday nutritional needs.

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This wonder of nature adds a nutty flavor to your dishes and drinks while adding the power-packed goodness of Omega 3 & 6, Edestrin protein that gets absorbed easily, and other essential amino acids, dietary fibers, and a host of essential minerals and vitamins. Sprinkle these seeds in your breakfast bowl, smoothie, salad, or dosa, and enjoy a super boost of nutrition for muscle development, health, and immunity buildup.

Composition: Raw Hemp (Cannabis Sativa Linn.) seeds

Serving suggestion: 20g-25g or 1-2 Tablespoons per day. Or as directed by your physician

Directions of use: Sprinkle Hampa Hearts over your breakfast bowl, salad, smoothies, or dosa. Add to your trail mix or munch it on the go
Recommended Servings: 2 serves (Not intended to be the sole source of nutrition)


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