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Experience natural relief from PMS symptoms with RelivHer. It contains Omega-6 fatty acids from Hemp seed, reducing insulin resistance and alleviating joint pain and inflammation. Enjoy improved overall health with essential trace elements, stress relief and support for a healthy digestive system.

Experience Relief and Rejuvenation with Hemp Tribe’s RelivHer (PMS) Drink

At Hemp Tribe, we understand that the journey through menopause can be challenging, with a myriad of physical and emotional changes. That’s why we’ve crafted RelivHer, a unique and comprehensive PMS drink designed to help you navigate this transitional phase with grace and comfort.

Relief from Menopausal Symptoms

RelivHer offers a multi-faceted approach to tackling menopausal symptoms. Omega-6 (Gamma Linoleic) fatty acids from hemp seed provide natural support, helping to alleviate hot flashes, irritability, and vaginal dryness. These fatty acids are your natural allies during this transitional phase.

Anti-Inflammatory Support

The Omega-3 fatty acids in hemp seeds are renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties. In RelivHer, these fatty acids come together to reduce insulin resistance, lower triglyceride levels, and provide much-needed relief from joint pain and inflammation, offering comfort during this transformative period.

Promoting Gastric Health

RelivHer doesn’t just address menopausal symptoms; it also cares for your digestive system. The dietary fibres present in the formula support gastric health, ensuring your overall well-being.

Heart Health and Bone Density

Our commitment to your health extends to your heart and bones. RelivHer includes Soy Isoflavones, which contribute to reducing LDL levels, benefiting your cardiovascular health. Combined with Vitamin D3, they enhance calcium and magnesium assimilation in your bones, strengthening bone density, especially during the post-menopause stage.

Elevate Your Menopausal Wellness

Elevate your menopausal wellness journey with Hemp Tribe’s RelivHer (PMS) Drink. It’s nature’s answer to common menopausal symptoms, offering a holistic approach to support your well-being. 

Your well-being is our priority, and RelivHer is here to empower you every step of the way.


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