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Hemplanet Hemp Seed Oil – (125ml)
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Hemplanet Hemp Seed Oil – (125ml)



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Hemplanet Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp seed oil (cannabis sativa L.)

Hemplanet Hemp Seed Oil Use in salad dressing, on pasta. Not suitable for frying. Great for hair and massage.

Hemplanet is a commercial unit based in the international township of Auroville, in south India. We produce hemp seed oil, hemp seed powder, hulled seeds, hemp pasta, and hemp soap and shampoo. We want to show how hemp can clothe, feed and shelter us, as well as provide for paper, soap and medicine, etc. helping us towards a truly self-sustainable future. We welcome collaboration in research and development in creating a hemp-based economy.

Our mission is to promote and facilitate research and sustainable development for the growth of hemp and the production of hemp-related products through education, research and advocacy in order to manifest cooperation, sustainability and community.

Our vision is to build a worldwide network of researchers, suppliers, engineers, educators, cultivators, doctors, etc. where laboratory testing and extraction and processing standards can be standardized so we can collectively provide the finest hemp products with a focus on overall health, wellness, and personal care.

Here in Auroville, we have established a network of people and organizations who support all types of hemp research from cosmetics, to textiles, ice cream to bread, paper to hempcrete, and much more.

We attend events, festivals, fairs, and markets where we display raw hemp materials and a selection of hemp-based products in order to illustrate the amazing variety of applications that can be made from just one plant.

Hemplanet also produces short educational films. As well as providing information and facts, the films celebrate the wonderful versatility that the hemp plant can offer.


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