Muscle Pain Relief Roll On


The Muscle Pain Relief roll-on oil contains potent pain relieving properties to provide quick relief from chronic pain, joint stiffness and stiff muscles.

The oil is blended with the combined healing of the Cannabis Leaf along with several ayurvedic super-herbs to help provide relief from muscle pain, soreness and inflammation within minutes post application.

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The cannabis-based muscle pain relief roll-on oil is a natural, effective, and powerful solution for managing muscle pain. 

By utilizing the powerful properties of CBD and other herbal ingredients, this oil can help reduce inflammation, provide lasting relief, and soothe tight muscles. 

With regular use, you will experience fast and long-lasting relief, without any of the unwanted side effects associated with traditional medications. 

In addition, the oil is easy to apply, pocket friendly and provides comfort through its subtle scent. 


Using the roller, massage a generous amount with 6-8 strokes over the concerned area of pain and stiffness.

Note: this oil is meant for topical application only


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