Soma Flora 4500mg Vijaya Cosmic Potion CBD:THC:CBG 3:1:0.5 – 30ml



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Soma Flora 4500mg Vijaya Cosmic Potion CBD:THC:CBG 3:1:0.5

Strength 4500mg
CBD:THC:CBG = 3:1:0.5

The magic of nature – expressed through our Cosmic Potion! The Soma Flora Cosmic Potion is a gentle yet effective formulation.

Divine herbs are concocted with CBD, THC and CBG to create an exquisite potion that combats anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

Your true nature of ease and relaxation is waiting to be discovered and our Cosmic Potion can get you there.

Ingredients of Soma Flora 4500mg Vijaya Cosmic Potion:

1. Edible Grade Betel Nut Extract
2. Edible Grade Mimosa Pudica Extract
3. Edible Grade Passion Flower Extract
4. Edible Grade Kanna Extract
5. Full Spectrum Extract
6. Added CBD
7. Added THC
8. Added CBG


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