Twiee Saga Skin Tightening Hydration Cream (1000mg), 50ml


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Better elasticity of skin specially works very well on the face and neck

How To Use
Take a small amount and massage gently upwards on the face and neck, preferably twice a day after cleansing.


Everyday exposure to the contaminated five elements which are the main foundation to healthy and visibly younger skin has pushed our aging faster, making our skin look for solutions that can reverse the same. Twiee Expect Miracles brings a product that combines Hemp Leaf Extract with other botanicals evoking a taste of elegance and aesthetics with the result expected.


Make skin elasticity favorable to anti-age and make it look younger while reducing pigmentation, puffiness, and wrinkles giving back the natural glow.


Deuton Gum, the star ingredient along with a base of Hemp Leaf Extract, keeps the skin together while the hydraulic moisturizes the skin. Not to mention the botanicals work their way to provide surprising results.


  • Better elasticity of the skin
  • Effective on Face and Skin
  • Management of eye bags and dark circles
  • No more sagging skin
  • Better jawline


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