Cannabryl Vijaya Tridosha 1:1 CBD:THC Dewaxed Cannabis Extract 10,000mg



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Vijaya Tridosha is a formulation based out of Chark samhita , Where in Cannabis Extract ( Vijaya Extract ) is blended with the high potential herbs like Jtamansi , Brahmi , Lotus and Lemongrass. Jatamansi ( Nardostachys jatamansi) Raw herb is Sourced from High altitude Mountains, Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, 3046 feet altitude.


  • Brand – Cannabryl
  • Model Name – Cannabryl Vijaya Tridosha 1:1 CBD:THC Dewaxed Cannabis Extract
  • Potency – 10,000mg
  • Quantity – 30ml
  • Type of CBD Oil – Full Spectrum
  • CBD:THC Ratio – 1:1
  • Form – For Oral Consumption Only
  • Maximum Shelf Life – 24 Months
  • Prescription Required – Yes
  • Pack of – 1
  • Ingredients – Vijaya Leaf Extract, MCT Oil,
  • Key Ingredients: Jatamansi, Vijaya Extract, Lotus extract, Lemongrass, Brahmi extract.
  • Country of Origin – India

Cannabryl Vijaya Tridosha 1:1 CBD:THC Dewaxed Cannabis Extract 10,000mg & 4000mg Cannabinoids

Vijaya Tridosha is an advanced Hybrid Formulation , where in Vijaya extract ( full spectrum cannabinoids) are  derived using modern scientific mechanism and pharmaceutical equipment. While, other key ingredients ,  Jatamansi, Brahmi, Blue Lotus and Lemongrass herbs undergo infusion process as detailed in our ancient Ayurvedic scriptures . This infusion after successful quality check is homogeneously mixed with cannabinoids and thus we obtain our proprietary  Vijaya Triguna Formulation

SOURCING of HERBS :In order to see results as detailed in scriptures it is a must to obtain fresh , and pure herbs that too from the region where nature developed genetic code of such herbs through natural selection process , pollinated over centuries  .

We @ Indogenix work with women organization “YOGGINI”  where in Yoggini sisters  supply us with required herbs through out India . The Herb Jatamansi used in Vijaya Triguna is sourced from Himalayan ranges , mainly  KUMAON & BAGESHWAR districts of Uttarakhand .

Blue Lotus Flower is sourced from Yogini sisters of  CHIKLOAD and BAGRODA  villages of BHOPAL  Madhya pradesh . The Blue lotus will only grow in suitable environment in fresh rain water ponds . Flowers sourced need to be processed within a short span of time otherwise all terpenes get lost . Indogenix Labs are fortunate enough to be located within Four kilometer range of these ponds 


Cannabinoid count of Cannabryl Vijaya Tridosha
2000mg CBD & 2000mg THC
10,000mg of vijaya Extract.
133.33mg of CBD + 133.33 mg of THC per ml
Drop Count of Cannabryl Vijaya Tridosha
30 ml of Tincture has 720 drops
1.0 ml of Tincture has 24 drops
0.50 ml of Tincture has 12 drops
0.25 ml of Extract contains 6 drops
Cannabinoid Strength per ml of Cannabryl Vijaya Tridosha
30 ml has 2000 mg of CBD + 2000 mg of THC
1.0 ml has 133.33 mg of CBD + 133.33 mg of THC
0.50 ml has 66.66 mg of CBD + 66.66 mg of THC
0.25 ml has 33.33 mg of CBD + 33.33 mg of THC
1.0 ml of VTG4000 = 266.66mg ( CBD+ THC )


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