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Soma Flora Kundalini Amrit, created in our patented ‘Alpha Spectrum’ method, this medical cannabis Potion acts as a tool to help achieve a state of transcendence. Inspired by the culture of ancient India and Kundalini yoga, we asked the question what could help us recreate some of the effects of samadhi/kundalini awakening in a Potion, what could help us bring a living being to the paradoxical state wherein they are relaxed and stress-free like water but also focused and active like fire, with an ability to see deeply into the nature of all that you witness.

To achieve this paradoxical state, we have taken a unique 1:1:1 formulation approach wherein it has 33% CBD 33% CBG, and 33% THC, this unique cannabis ratio is emulsified with extracts of top-grade valerian root and blue lotus which amplify and bring more layers to the feeling of relaxation along with belladonna and kava which have unique herbal stimulating properties that counteract the lethargy but unlike caffeine & other stimulants they do not counteract the relaxing effects by the THC, valerian root and blue lotus.

Kundalini Amrit aspires to neither numb oneself to the pains of the body and mind nor ignore them with stimulation, it aspires to as the Kundalini Yogi of ancient India, TRANSCEND all pains of body and mind.

This product is a medical luxury product, with a 1:1:1 2000 mg profile (666 mg CBD, 666mg THC, 666mg CBG) I.e. it requires a prescription.

Product Description:

Kundalini Amrit is a medical luxury product prepared with equal ration of CBD, THC, CBG i.e. 1:1:1 and other added herbs such as belladonna, kava, valerian root and blue lotus that comes with 2000mg strength.

Health benefits:

It is helpful in the management of anxiety, insomnia, arthritis pain, colds or hay fever, bronchospasms caused by asthma or whooping cough, hemorrhoids, nerve problems, Parkinson’s disease, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, and motion sickness.

Ingredients and their benefits:


Belladonna has been used in alternative medicine as an aid in treating arthritis pain, colds or hay fever, bronchospasms caused by asthma or whooping cough, hemorrhoids, nerve problems, Parkinson’s disease, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, and motion sickness.


Beyond its recreational and ceremonial use, kava is commonly used in alternative medicine as a natural anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) drug. It may also improve sleep in people with insomnia, often with fewer side effects than pharmaceutical or over-the-counter sleep aids.

Valerian root:

One is that valerian increases the amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. As a neurotransmitter, GABA inhibits unwanted nervous system activity. Studies have shown that increased levels of GABA in the brain lead to falling asleep faster and experiencing better sleep.

Blue lotus:

Despite the many claims of blue lotus flower’s health benefits, there’s only limited research on the plant. Historically, it’s been used recreationally and medicinally, with most advocates claiming it can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, assist with erectile dysfunction, and act as a natural aphrodisiac


1 drop = 13.3mg or as directed by your physician.

Adult dosage for non-serious ailments = 50% of body weight (KG) in mg. For example, if your weight is 60 kg, your, dosage is 30mg, Ie approx. 0.5ml or 5 drops


  • Fill the tincture and squeeze the tincture under the tongue, make sure to keep a count of the drops consumed as per your recommended dosage.
  • Hold the drops under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Post waiting period, swallow the oil.

Holding the oil beneath your tongue allows it to be absorbed by your mucous membranes and sublingual gland, through which it can enter the bloodstream and begin showing its effects.

Important information:

  • Do not use CBD during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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