cannabryl Vijaya Triguna 1:2 CBD:THC 1500mg
Cannabryl Vijaya Triguna 1:2 CBD:THC 1500mg
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Cannabryl Vijaya Triguna 1:2 CBD:THC 1500mg



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Cannabryl Vijaya Triguna 1:2 CBD:THC 1500mg is a very special formulation based on “ancient formulations detailed in Ancient Literature ( Charak Samhvita), This Ayurveda book has Medicinal formulations based on Great Honourable Vaidya CHARK. This formulation ( VIJAYA TRIGUNA) is capable of balancing the three Gunas- SATVA, RAJASA, and TAMASHA.

We Know and believe any human body can only function properly when All these gunas are in fine balance. Scientists have proved that the Human race is facing a few diseases which are strictly an outcome of Lifestyle and the Environment we live in. A child is born with a Fine balance of these Gunas, but slowly Toxics gather in our body Either from Food or Air we breathe in or due to excessive negative pressure ( stress) on Brain cells. VIJAYA TRIGUNA Tincture is capable of fine balancing the outcome from Three NADEES ( इडा नाड़ी, पिंगला नाड़ी, सुषुम्ना नाड़ी). Just a fine balance of these helps in insomnia, stress relief, pain relief, inflammation, and lung and liver health.

Vijaya Triguna balances the three gunas- sattva, rajas and tamasa Vijaya Triguna consists of nutmeg which has a certain chemical known as trimyristin which is responsible for inducing sleep, relaxing your tired muscles and nerves to set in a sense of calm. Nutmeg is also a rich source of antioxidants, which help protect against the signs of aging ans serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and liver disease. Vijaya Triguna also consists of fennel which has been shown to help with digestion by reducing inflammation in the bowels and decreasing bacteria that cause gassiness Vijaya Triguna helps in insomnia, stress relief, pain relief, inflammation, and lung and liver health.


Cannabryl Vijaya Triguna 1:2 CBD:THC

MCT Oil ,Nutmeg ,Fennel ,Vijaya

Cannabinoids-strength: 1500mg of Cannabinoids out of which 1000mg are THC variants and 500mg are CBD variants*

Cannabis extract-strength: 5000 mg of Dewaxed cannabis extract.

Indications of Vijaya Triguna are Insomnia, stress relief, pain relief, and inflammation. It also helps in lung and liver health.

Vijaya Triguna is a warming medicine, it is very soothing for your mind and your body, and it also supports digestion.


As per your doctor’s prescription


Temporary dryness in the mouth


What medical conditions does this medicine help with?

Vijaya Triguna helps with insomnia, pain relief, stress relief, and inflammation. It also helps with lung and liver health.

How should I consume Vijaya Triguna?

Sublingual ( under the tongue ) is the preferred method of intake because the tincture is absorbed through the sublingual artery, pretty fast. Sublingual application allows for a rapid onset of 15-30 minutes with peak effects at around 90 minutes, which can be helpful for handling intense breakthrough pain.

Are there any age restrictions for this medicine?

This medication can be given to all ages of patients as per doctors’ prescription. Doses may differ on age and health conditions. In the case of children, a primary care pediatrician must be consulted before starting cannabinoid therapy.

Should I be aware of any allergens?

All of the ingredients are listed in the label. No severe allergies are noted.


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