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Soma Flora Vijaya- CBD oil balm Vata is from the house of Soma Flora we are pleased to bring you the latest in our line of Balms. Just like a coin they come with sides the RSO BALM – VATA and PITA. Both having unique properties that help with ailing symptoms all the while keeping your skin feeling pampered like a newborn with Soma Flora Vijaya- CBD oil balm Vata 1250mg.

With carefully selected ingredients and CBD extracted with processes that are not only safe but efficient in bringing you the highest quality medication and accurate levels of 1250MG full spectrum cannabinoids per 100ml.

With skin having the largest surface area and sensitivity it becomes a vital organ that forms a shield that protects the more delicate systems in the human body. It makes sense to take care of it with the same zeal as one would do for their hearts or eyes. With our Soma Flora series of RSO balm give your skin the care it needs. As per your needs, you have the freedom to choose from the TWO.

What VATA brings to the table:

Brahmi: If you forget a few things, Brahmi stands by you enhancing your memory and acting as a health tonic. It is also known as an aphrodisiac so give your naughty self a chance to shine.

Licorice: Commonly referred to as the Glycyrrhiza glabra, is a flowering plant of the Fabaceae family, from the root of which this sweet and aromatic flavoring is obtained. From soothing stomach pains, treatment of cancer to improving respiratory systems and protecting skin and teeth, licorice does it all and the list just keeps going.

Vetiver: A sidekick for licorice, vetiver is directly applied to skin for stress relief from emotional traumas and shock to repelling insects. It can help people with arthritis and burns. It is at times inhaled as aromatherapy for nervousness and insomnia.

Sesame Oil: It’s not just tasty on burger buns but oil from sesame is rich in antioxidants which further helps in skincare, common cold, and fixing hangovers.

Beeswax: They work day in and day out getting honey and making wax for their hive. Honey bees of the genus Apis unknowingly provide us with a natural moisturizer that can help keep your skin firm and plump. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic to soothe irritated skin.

Hemp Oil: Reducing your fine lines and effects of aging has never been this easy thanks to nature’s own multi-purpose plant – Hemp. Hemp oil contains a generous helping of linoleic Acid and oleic acids which can’t be produced by our body but play a vital role in anti-aging and skincare.


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