Cannabryl Vijayaraj Marham Rectal Suppositories CBD-THC 1:1 (Pack of 10)
Cannabryl Vijayaraj Marham Rectal Suppositories CBD-THC 1:1 (Pack of 10)
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Cannabryl Vijayaraj Marham Rectal Suppositories CBD-THC 1:1 (Pack of 10)



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Cannabryl Vijayaraj Marham Rectal Suppositories CBD-THC 1:1

Primary Ingredients: Camphor, Frankincense, Curcuma Longa Oil, Beeswax, Garcinia Indica and other plant waxes, Vijaya extract (2ml), coconut oil, sesame oil.

Indications: Bleeding Piles, Hemorrhoids, Ulcers, Skin Cancer, Cancer

Packaging: Each suppository is packed in a Patented non-reactive silicon canister with individual air-tight lids.


APPLICATION – Wash hands thoroughly before use, gloves recommended. Carefully insert the pointed end of the suppository into the rectum past the sphincter, wash hands again. Sit for 20 minutes after application before the activity to avoid slippage. 

PRECAUTIONS Not for Oral consumption or Vaginal Use. Keep Out of reach from children. DO NOT FREEZE.  

No Artificial Colors or Fragrances. 

Details of the Primary Ingredient: 

Raw Medical Cannabis Extract / Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) / Whole plant medical cannabis oil / Full spectrum raw medical cannabis extract — are some of the terms which are interchangeable used for Raw Medical Cannabis Extract. Raw means cannabis is unheated, or “non-activated,” cannabis. This means that it has not been through a process called decarboxylation, that means Medical extract or raw cannabis dried biomass has not undergone a chemical process as a result of heating over time. The Raw cannabis extract if prepared in a proven scientific way will certainly contain below detailed out Terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids. Just because of the presence of all the Phytochemicals known or unknown, proven scientifically or unproven are definitely present in the extract along with Plants natural waxes , Lipids, and chlorophyll the cannabis extract is referred to as Full spectrum extract. 

We normally correlate the term of Full-spectrum to white light wherein all colors possible are present. Raw cannabis extract contains not only calcium, and iron, but also contains over 100 cannabinoids. When raw cannabis is analyzed for its chemical properties, it is found that raw extract contains CBD & THC in limited quantity, but a larger chunk of CBDA and THCA is also present. Sufficient amount of CBG is present too, CBG is the pre-stage of CBN. The Vast variety of Chemical compounds makes raw extract favorite of Rick Simpson himself, Charak Samhvita and Athrav Veda. I would thank and pay respects to Mr. Simpson for revolutionizing and making the world aware about the goodness of Cannabis plants raw properties. 

Detailed and deep explanation exists in “Atharv Veda” (Knowledge of Magical formulas) has charms and magical invocations with folkloristic style. Earliest known reports regarding the sacred status of cannabis in India came from Atharva Veda estimated to have been written sometime around 2000-4000 BC. Atharva Veda (XI.6.15) specifically mentions five great plants of which Soma is the best, including marijuana, barley and darbha (kusha or durva), showing that many plants have soma-like qualities.


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