Cure By Design Elevate 1400 MG Capsules 2:1 CBD : THC (CBD Dominant)


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    Cannabis-infused Ayurvedic medicines containing cannabis leaf extracts are listed under Schedule E(1) of The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. According to the law, any medicine containing a Schedule E(1) substance must be taken only and only under medical supervision.

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Elevate yourself from pains and ailments with Cure By Design’s medical range, bringing you the best-in-market Vijaya Leaf Extracts capsules. Cannabis is known as “Vijaya” in Sanskrit, and cannabidiol used in Ayurveda is long regarded as an ancient form of medicine. 

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD oil, is a substance produced from the cannabis plant and is well-known for its various health advantages. In contrast, THC helps relieve anxiety, stress, and uneasiness when taken in small amounts. 

Take advantage of the top-of-the-line CBD capsules available on the market. Cure By Design uses cutting-edge technology to extract cannabis ingredients from each raw material uniformly. This unique full-spectrum Vijaya leaf extract consists 2:1 ratio of CBD and THC, respectively. 


  • Brand – Cure By Design
  • Model Name – Cure By Design Elevate 1400 MG Capsules 2:1 CBD:THC (CBD Dominant)
  • Potency – 1400mg
  • Each Capsule – 100mg
  • Quantity – 30ml
  • Type of CBD Oil – Full Spectrum
  • CBD:THC Ratio – 2:1
  • Form – For Oral Consumption Only
  • Maximum Shelf Life – 24 Months
  • Prescription Required – Yes
  • Pack of – 14 Capsules
  • Ingredients – Vijaya Leaf Extract,
  • Country of Origin – India


  • Autoimmune diseases,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • Dystonia,
  • Metabolic problems,
  • Skin diseases,
  • Viral infections,
  • IBS, and cancer pain.
  • Rreduces inflammation.
  • Treating neuropathic conditions,
  • Helps relieve chronic pain. 

As prescribed

Additional Info

Pack of 14 – 100mg each


In a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Note: The dosage should be administered with care. Please use as prescribed. 


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