Oreka Rescue Sports Recovery CBD oil Muscle & Joint Pain

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Who is it for?
A natural pain relief solution for workout enthusiasts and athletes to provide enhanced recovery of your sore body, muscles and joints.

What is it about?
Cannabis Leaf extract, Cannabis Seed oil, Wild Mint oil & Camphor oil form an all-natural repair and revitalizing combination with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties suitable for treating aches & muscle injuries caused due to extensive physical exercise.

How does it feel?
Enhances the quality of your life by providing relaxation to muscles, and alleviating aches & stiffness, leaving you feeling recharged and well rested.

Why choose RESCUE?
⦿ Cannabis Leaf extract aids pain relief therapy & reduces muscle inflammation.
⦿ Menthol is proven to improve blood circulation.
⦿ Cannabis Seed oil’s natural anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for pain relief.
⦿ Cannabis Seed oil also aids in treating spasms to help relax sore muscles.
⦿ With dual hot & cold action, Camphor oil acts as the perfect ingredient to lubricate stiff joints.
⦿ Camphor oil also aids in muscle recovery.

How To Use?
1. Take 2-3 drops of Oreka Sports Recovery oil on your palm.
2. Apply the oil from your palm to the affected area.
3. Gently massage into the skin and leave until fully absorbed.

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