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Hemp clothing benefits

Hemp clothing benefits: why should you be wearing this ethical fiber?

Hemp is known as a versatile natural fiber all across the globe, but it is still behind the curtain from a lot of consumers or people. Hemp is not only great for health but also for the environment. However, there are many misconceptions attached to it that is creating a hindrance for people to try […]

Cannabis Oil Extraction Methods

What Are The Best Cannabis Oil Extraction Methods

Cannabidiol Oil in India can be extracted using ethanol, water, butane, CO2, and alcohol. These solvents all make it possible to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Although each extraction technique has advantages, the ultimate result should be very potent.  Since hemp is now recognized as the most environmentally friendly fabric for high-end clothing lines […]

What exactly are CBD gummies, and do they work?

What exactly are CBD gummies, and do they work?

No one can deny the fact that CBD has always been an ingredient that has gathered a lot of attention. There are very few people that don’t want to try CBD and its related products like CBD gummies. Researchers, as well as scientists, are still working on and studying this ingredient which has many health benefits. […]

Medical Cannabis in India

Medical Cannabis in India

IS MEDICAL CANNABIS LEGAL IN INDIA? The Central Government had earlier intimated to the Delhi High Court that the use of medical cannabis in India is not completely banned. This is because its medical and scientific use is allowed in India under the law. There were reports that Cannabinoids had helped in countering the impact […]